Support The Church


Our giving sustains

our beautiful church dedicated to worship, prayer and witness

Our giving sustains

parish clergy across the diocese

Our giving sustains

our parish ministry measured by every sermon preached, Eucharist celebrated, Baptism celebrated, ill person visited, bereaved family comforted, confirmation course run and person shown the love of Christ through our care, comfort and compassion.

Our giving sustains

our mission both here in Guernsey and overseas for people we will never meet but to whom we are able to give practical support through our ministry of giving.



There is no easy formula – we are commanded to love God and our neighbour as ourselves. You may think that it is no great sacrifice to put someone you love first!

But it requires a new set of priorities to put God and the ministry of his church first in our finances as we do in our weekly worship when we give the first day of the week to God.

Love is generous, love is kind and love is selfless – we see that in all God gives to us, how will we respond?

Ways to give

By increasing our giving when attending services

By joining the planned giving scheme and committing to a regular payment by standing order

By committing a part of our income to help to fund the ministry even when we are away

When planning your will, consider making a bequeathment to the church

Supporting fund raising events

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